About us

Upscale Driver has developed over the last decade one of the finest chauffeur services and has built its notoriety on professionalism, refinement and luxury. With men and women expert in the art of transport, we aim to put our customer, in the centre of the stage. For us, every customer is unique and every transfer is carefully planned to address your need, comfort and wishes. Today, we are glad to have an exclusive clientele. Our professional chauffeurs drive some of the most important and influential people on the globe in Paris and France.

Our Team

Our chauffeurs are the most important part of our company.
We hire the very best chauffeurs because our clients deserve Excellence.


Security Driver

Mercedes S-Class


Security Driver

Mercedes S-Class


Security Driver

Mercedes V-Class


Security Driver

Mercedes E-Class


Security Driver

Mercedes E-Class

Our certificates

From the initial chauffeur evaluation to ongoing training : safety is paramount. With differents certificates, our drivers can handle any situation.

Croix Rouge

The attestation of first safety gesture level 1 provides the knowledge needed to identify a life-threatening or potential emergency situation, and to perform emergency first aid appropriate to the situation.


MCS Training center is the French specialist for the training of government drivers, VIP drivers, close protection agents and transporters. They are specialized in defensive driving and anti-agression driving

Our values

Dedicated attention

A dedicated workforce for a customized services to ensure that all your request are respected with a global quality services.


With our responsive communication strategy, we make our best to have the more efficient interaction with our clients.

Safety and security

Global safety procedures for high profiles clients that encompass with chauffeur background check and emergencies briefings.

Objectif 2026

Our CSR commitment is not just about our vehicles, it is also about how we operate both in and out of the office. Our goal is to have a fully electric fleet for 2026. We are working everyday to optimize our carbon footprint. Our chauffeurs are trained in eco-driving techniques and the maintenance of our vehicles helps to release as little carbon as possible.