Wash your hands before and after each ride


Always wear a facial mask inside the vehicle


No handshaking with the drivers please


Maintain 1m social distancing outside vehicle


Use the free hand sanitiser available in the cars


Don’t touch your face before sanitizing


We have been providing luxury ground transportation services safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus). Indeed, we have been redefine our safety protocols throughout. The well-being and safety of our passengers is at the heart of our activites. We’re continuing to develop our response to COVID-19 with new protocols.

As announced by the Government, we all have a role to play in limiting the spread of the virus. Be careful and limit your movements. Also continue to adopt barrier gestures: cough into your elbow, do not shake your hand or kiss, keep away from others, wash your hands regularly.

When traveling with Upscale Driver, observe the following government guidelines:

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory
  • No passenger can sit next to the driver
  • Wash your hands before and after the ride

The responsibility of all of our users is essential. This is why we encourage drivers to cancel trips if they feel unsafe, and especially if a passenger is not wearing a mask.

For more information, visit the french government website and the World Health Organization website.



Our chauffeurs take great pride in their vehicles.They know the importance of sanitise their cars. Since the covid-19 pandemic outbreak we have enhanced our protocol to focus on the main points, such as bacteria and pathogens.

In particular, the vehicle’s touch-points, the places that people tend to touch, such as switches, door handles and seat belts. Our Contactless Travel protocol highlights the steps we are taking to reduce touch to a minimum.



Our number one priority is always the safety and wellbeing of our passengers.In our luxury cars, we have large and spacious cabins, for up to 2 metres of social distance between client and chauffeur.

We want you to feel safe when you book a ride with Upscale Driver. This is why we have develop our safety standards for all your trips. They aim to contribute to the health and safety of all. 

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